#001 – Finally making a grown up decision?

Welcome to my first blog post!

So perhaps I should start by again introducing myself (Assuming you read the “About” page. If you have not, please make your way over there)

I am Stuart White, currently 27 years old and living in Bristol, UK.

I was born here in June 1989 and during my 27 1/2 years I have lived in the same house with my parents (I am not proud of this truth).

I never went to uni so the introduction of complete freedom was not experienced like a lot of my friends.

I compare my life to the movie “Failure to launch” as I feel I never really took off like most of my friends/family.
I have 2 sisters – 1 older who lives alone happily (I think) and 1 younger who has a daughter and live on their own. I also have a younger brother who lives with his partner and their new-born.

This does not mean I am a complete weirdo that requires the aid of his parents to survive… I am very capable of being alone and I am seen as the “black sheep” or “lone wolf” of my family. The real reason I am still in this living with parents situation comes down to 1 thing…. MONEY!

When I was young I always wanted to work in IT as I had the impression it would be the ultimate source of income. I always told myself (and close friends) one day I would be able to afford a Lamborghini Gallardo… Oh boy does reality suck.

So anyway, I’m sure along the future of this blog I will open up more and reveal more information about my history.

But lets get to the point of me starting this blog!

I recently decided that my life was becoming stagnant. I was working for the weekend in my 9-5 IT support job and my biggest out going was my obsession (addiction may also be a good word) with Burritos…


I have been saving for a mortgage deposit but Bristol is forever increasing in property value so I was forever playing catch up.

So I decided if I was not going to be buying a house/flat anytime soon I needed something else to be excited about.

A friend of mine that I met through a previous job (We will call him MDP) had left the same employer about 2 weeks after me in September 2015 and instead of taking a new job, he decided to go see some of the world.
A few months later I get a message to say he was in Toronto, Canada. He had met a lucky lady and decided he would not be coming back to the UK anytime soon.

I had always confided in him (MDP) for my personal concerns with my life choices and it was no different with us talking over skype.

(June 2016)
He (MDP) settled and found work and once we had caught up again he advised me to “Get over here”.

So the excitement started. He (MDP) talked me through what visa to apply for and away I went like a keen bean.

This buzz was short lived as I was rejected the visa. The reasons were not particularly clear but I like to think I am a somewhat clever guy and worked out it must have been due to my passport only having 18 months left until it expired.

(September 2016)
So, new passport time – sorted.

I apply again with my new passport details only to receive a email to say that they have stopped accepting applications for the year.

So I decided perhaps this was a sign and i gave up on the idea.

(October 2016)
I tried to take some unpaid leave and at least visit Toronto for a week so I could show my face and see the place I was hoping to go and experience… but i was advised by my manager that “They do not feel it would be in my best interest to request unpaid leave”.
Great, so i have no real control over my life at this moment because I have exhausted my holiday allowance and that means you have to knuckle down and put your curiosity to bed for the rest of the year… NO THANKS!

I then get a email from the Canadian immigration department to say I am in fact in the pool of people awaiting to be chosen to apply :-D. The excitement was bottled as I was informed it can take months to get picked and in some cases it may be I never get picked.

(December 2016)
Monday 12th comes around and I decide i am going to hand my notice in and accept a job in vehicle refrigeration with some friends of mine.
My first real job after college was fitting Air Conditioning in to hotels with this same friend, so I had experience in the field and also knew I could work well with this guy.

Due to a lack of organisation the meeting I originally planned to hand notice in does not go ahead.
Tuesday 13th begins and the meeting is set for 11:30 am to break the news but this is postponed until 15:30 because of busy schedules.

So 15:30 comes around and the meeting finally goes ahead and I am relieved by the calm attitude my manager takes to my decision. He even offers to take me back on if I feel the decision I made was wrong!

1 month from this day I will walk away from the walls I felt were becoming my prison in to a dirtier line of work away from ironed shirts and ties.

Thursday 15th starts and half way through the day I get an email from the Canadian Immigration dept saying I have been selected to complete my application!

Could this have been meant to be? – I sure as hell was not going to fight the offer and so I began to complete the required paper works.

The idea of moving away not only from parents house but the city and country i had grown up in all together felt like the crowbarring i needed to finally do something better with my life.

So as I finish this first blog post I am awaiting my police checks to be completed and have filed all other required papers for the Canadian officials to start filing me.

I shall post updated blog posts as events occur.

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