#002 – Progression

Hello again!

It has been a while since the excitement started for my potential move to Canada.

Good news is all my paperwork went through and my visa/work permit papers were completed/granted!

So what have I been up to?

I left my IT job as suggested in my previous post and I worked in refrigeration…. for a whole 3 weeks!

So yeah, it did not last long.

I left and went on a holiday to Tenerife for a week….


Then I came home… and took off the next day to Amsterdam for the weekend…. (Yes that is me on the letter ‘S’)


Then I came home for a week, before taking a road trip to Bruges….


Upon my return, boredom and post trip blues hit home hard.

Within 1 day my boredom led me to look online at contract roles for IT support – 1 interesting advert led to a interview the next day and within a week I was hired and working!

I have a 3 month contract (1 month down at time of this post!) supporting the IT systems for a international company that quarries for cement and asphalt – Not exactly “wolf of wall street” huh.

I finish my position on 2nd of June, so I only have a couple months to see through.

During the months since starting this blog i have had emotional ups and downs about the idea of leaving home for Canada but last Friday i returned home from work… AND BOOKED MY ONE WAY FLIGHT!

Plan of action now?

1 – Finish contract role

2 – Take the month of June to catch up with all friends/family (Whilst most importantly being around for my 28th Birthday)

3 – Get my Sh*t together for the move.

4 – Board the plane on 5th July and see how things go?

….. To be continued.

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