#003 – 1 week left until Canada eh?

Welcome back!

So, you join me 1 week before I depart for Toronto.

I have no job lined up and only 9 nights planned accommodation (3 in a hotel when i arrive for comfort and then 6 in a private room of a AirBNB host)

I have had many dark thoughts recently and anxiety has kicked in hard… What am I doing? What will I do if I cant find a permanent place to live? What if no one wants to give me a job?

Luckily, these fears have been calmed with the help of very close friends and even friends of friends. It is amazing how much help you can get when you actually open up and talk to other people.

Joining a bunch of Facebook pages relating to IEC and working holidays also helped massively.

I can now ask any questions and create a advertisement of myself in order to find friends and a place to live!

Over the next week I will be doing silly things like practicing packing my suitcase and backpack to ensure I know exactly what I’m taking and how i am taking it.

I have printed off:
– Bank account statement to prove I can afford to survive 3 months and get myself home if I cannot 😛
– IEC POE letter (Visa documentation)
– Travel Insurance Letter

My plan for arrival?:
– Have visa completed and catch a train to the city (One should not assume this is a given)
– Get SIN, Bank and Mobile phone sim card sorted
– Start viewing room shares

I will update this Blog when i arrive safely to my Hotel room and can provide more information on the process experienced when arriving to Toronto.

Thanks for reading folks… Wish me luck….


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