#004 – The Big Day – Bristol to Toronto

So after almost a year of starting the process to move to Canada, the day had come to board that plane and head to Toronto.

The morning arrived and I was a little bit dazed by what I was about to be doing.

One final check of luggage and then Mother pulled the car out and I loaded up to head to the airport.
Fortunately I would not be travelling alone initially as my Uncle would join me on the flight from Bristol to Iceland.

We stopped by to pick up my Uncle and we headed to Bristol Airport.

After an emotional goobye hug with Mother we headed in.


My Uncle was a frequent Traveller and knew how to start journeys off right, so we headed in to “Fast Track” Security (After a mild scolding for taking pictures in front of it)


My Uncle also kindly booked us in to the Aspire Lounge where I was unexpectedly over loaded with Heineken beer and Prosecco.


The ‘Edge’ was well and trully taken off after a couple of hours and I was very chilled boarding the plane to leave Bristol.


First stop was Iceland where I had further beers with my Uncle before he left to enjoy his holiday and I went on to board the flight to Toronto.

The flight was 5hr 30min and it ‘flew’ by – I had my music in and my new travel pillow that was i was generously gifted to rest on. I was well prepared.


Upon landing in Toronto I had a mix of adrenaline pumped excitement and anxiety about what was about to happen at customs.

I made my way through the large queues asking every assistant if what I was doing was the correct procedure.

After the usual passport checks and photograph confirmation, I was directed in to a new area of customs that was for Visa/Permit issue.
It was a tense feeling as a lot of foreign internationals were waiting for the fait in the line as it was deadly quiet apart from the Customs Agents who were very intimidating.

I waited for around 5 minutes and had my anxiety inflated as i sat listening to a Agent ask a foreign Gentleman to:
– Write down the names of his friends and their addresses in Canada
– Prove that he was a lawyer and that he was allowed to carry out his practices in Canada
– Prove the residence that he would be staying at for the duration of his Visa

I stood repeating in my own head “Please don’t let me get this guy…. Please don’t let me get this guy”

Eventually, I heard a voice shout “NEXT!” – I could not see the Agent who has exlaimed this though so i headed towards the direction and was greeted by a very friendly Canadian lady.

I had lucked out and after a bit of low key banter about my Travel Insurance (Joking at how much the company that sells it must be making and that I should avoid any extreme sports to not void it) She asked me to wait where I was and then wandered off.
My imagination ran wild and I pictured her returning with armed guards to arrest me haha!

Forunately, this was not the case. She returned with my permit, Welcomed me to Canada and wished me a great day. Smiles were exchanged and off I went in to Canada!

That is all for now as I needed to get a good nights rest.

Day 1 will consist of:
– Breakfast (Obviously)
– Obtaining Social Insurance Number
– Opening Bank account
– Buying a Canadian Mobile Sim

Check back later for more updates!


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