#007 – Week 3 of Toronto Life

Welcome back to another weekly update.

I have had feedback about the length of my posts but I cant help it when I get on a roll.
SO, deep breath and lets see how long this gets! (Thats what she said)

Friday last week I attended my first interview with a IT company in Downtown Toronto.

It was 26 degrees Celsius but I still threw on a suit and headed out (In an Uber with AC fortunately!)

I had read on the job advertisement that the office was “Dog Friendly” and that was no understatement… Upon my arrival, I was pounced on by two pooches!

I met with the owners (Husband & Wife) and the Technical co-ordinator.
The interview was conducted in the typical format of me running through my history but also explaining my story of what brought me to Toronto.

All 3 were eager to hear my plans and hopes from the experience and were understanding of my concerns and frustration so early!

The interview went on for about an Hour and after me telling my classic “Life of Stu White” Work and personal history, they were keen to have me back in to carry out a technical test and to meet the Team that the position would be working with.

After leaving the interview, I headed straight for a burrito at a recommended spot “Bolets Burrito” which was just a couple of blocks from the office – It was as good as described by Trentt (Jamieson’s Partner)

After a casual stroll back to my Sublet room I decided to start looking for a room to lease from September 1st as the room I am currently in is only until August 31st.

Whilst I browsed through the usual local sites I was surprised to see the apartment right below where I was staying had a room available for September 1st!
The ad said the 4 bedroom apartment is shared with 1 British Guy, 1 Irish guy and 1 Canadian girl.

I wasted no time in texting the guys numbers on the ad and within 30 minutes I was downstairs viewing the room.

Jack is a Brit from Watford, 21 and on the same visa as me.
He arrived with no where to live and no job so i felt a calming sensation that what i had done was not a stupid and uncommon occurrence!

Jack asked me if I had a job and I replied “No, but I am currently interviewing”.
He was surprised that the landlord had let me move in when I did not have a job.
His surprise was then again raised once I said “I have not even met the landlord, I just paid Sabrina the money for the room and I am staying there”.

Jack went on to say how the Landlord is very particular and that I wont be considered for the room without having a Job.
I took an application form for the room and left (Yes, i have to apply for a room here as though it were a job!)

Friday evening rolled around and I found myself bored in my room. I had no plans for the night even though it would have been perfect summer evening drinks weather.
I end up watching more episodes of ‘The US Office’.

9:30pm, Suddenly a knock at my door… Holly (Housemate who is also subletting a room) peers in to my room and explains that the toilet is broken.
Holly continues to make a phone call to the Landlord (That I only earlier learnt about being very particular)  and gets an earful as it turns out he did not know that Holly was living in his house!!!

Once the call is over, I go and explain how I learnt about the Landlord being a stickler about who lives here and she said that he would be round any minute…

The thought of my being caught here too runs through my head and so I explain to Holly that I will head out as it would be bad news if I find myself homeless tonight!

In my bed clothing (A plain T, Jogger shorts and no socks) I throw my trainers on, Grab my phone, keys, Wallet and exit swiftly.
As I leave i see Jack on the porch luckily and explain the situation. He is as surprised as I am that he is on his way over so asked him to text me when the Landlord has gone.

I walked around downtown looking like a lost soul for almost an Hour. I wanted to stop in bars but each reflection I caught myself in on my walk reminded me that I look like clean hobo.

Eventually the call came through and I was clear to return.

Saturday rolled around and I spent the day with Yadder and Stacey at ‘Made by Madrigal’ in The Junction.

They were throwing Brunch with the ‘Kaffe’ next door the following day (Which I attended and is the pic featured on the Title of this post).
Yadder and Stacey were busy rearranging the shop and I was happy to offer my assistance in moving anything they told me needed moving.

This was a new experience for me and we soon started to drink Wine whilst Stacey prepared new tables for the event, Yadder cleared spaces and I assisted where ever I was able to.

I was happy just spending time with these awesome people being put to some use but the work turned to play and the couple took me out for Dinner and Beers all on them!
Thank you Madrigals!!!

Sunday morning was great at Brunch. Yadder and Stacey kindly placed me with close friends of theirs and I felt immediately comfortable talking with the guys and gals around me.

2 IPA’s with Brunch saw the start of a day of drinking and from the morning right in to the evening I made my way across the city stopping in many pubs for many, many beers!
$100 spent on beers saw me head home… As I had a interview the next afternoon!


I wake up as though I had not drank a drop. Mostly thanks to me drinking 2 litres of water before bed and another litre through the night.

I got suited up once again and headed to the office for interview part 2.
This time I took the street car to the nearest subway station and then 3 stops to Union Station which is right by the office. This took 25 minutes, which is awesome!

The technical procedure test and written questions exam were given to me and I was left to get on with it.
The task was server and Desktop related but I had no trouble going through and completing.

I left a couple of questions unanswered but I made it clear I did not want to come across as a “Chancer”.

With this stage of the Interview done, I was passed over to 3 of the Tech guys who I would be working with (Should the position be offered).
We headed upstairs and I felt a little more nervous as I did not know what level they may go to in an attempt to make me slip up or make me question my own intelligence.

The chat actually went in the opposite direction and I felt as though I was having beers with like minded individuals.
There were plenty of laughs as I went through my Work and Life History and I entertained with my stories of my Landlord drama.

I once again left and headed for a Burrito 😀

Later that afternoon I strolled around aimlessly trying to find new streets to venture, when I checked the time on my Phone and noticed a missed call (Stupidly not turned phone off of ‘Silent’ from the interview earlier that day!) and a voicemail waiting.

I was filled with delight and a little fear when it turned out to be the owner of the company.

Luckily, he chased the call with an email and within 5 minutes he called back and we were discussing the interviews.
I had doubt in my mind as he asked me how I felt it went.

After confirmation of the questions I missed on the test he said that the guys from the Team were happy with meeting me and felt I would not only bring good technical skills to the company… But also a great personality 🙂

Joe (Boss and Owner) proceeded to propose a job offer, to which I was thrilled to accept!


Joe and I both sounded as thrilled as each other and I aim to start next Monday (31st July) with another new starter.

1 less stress.


Tuesday started off as a bright morning with the knowledge that I had a job lined up.

I had moments of anxiety as I turned my efforts to finding a place to live and spent the most of the day looking for more sublets and/or Leases on rooms in the city.

Sabrina and I bumped in to each other in the Kitchen and she explained that a room would be available in the apartment as the other guy is moving out for September 1st!
This was a relatively weak piece of news as I knew how hard it was to apply for the room owned by the same landlord below.

Sabrina said she had the girl coming over to meet the Landlord that afternoon and that I could meet him too and try to apply for the room here.
She told me he would be here at 5 so I would have to act like I was visiting at that time (haha!)

I went out and got my hair cut and then returned in time to freshen up, pack my laptop bag and then make it look like I was there as an outsider.

I was nervous when I heard the footsteps of the Landlord arrive… To be greeted by an Old, Greek gentleman.

I was naturally polite and introduced myself as the guy who applied for the room downstairs.
After explaining that I understood why he would not accept me for the room he looked at me and said “Yes, I do have my doubts about you”.

This threw me off a bit as I was there wanting to pay this man money to live in his house!

I turned my British accent to Hugh Grant levels and explained that I now had a job offer. I handed over my Resume and gave the details of what I was doing for the new job.
He turned and said “Wow, you came here and got yourself a really good job”.

He looked at Sabrina and Holly for their input on whether they would want me living there and they both responded positively.

John had me fill out another application form for this room and let me sign the 12 month lease 🙂


I will be spending the rest of the week enjoying the last of my free time with the new comfort of having a Job lined up and a roof over my head for atleast 12 months.

Thank you to all that have been taking the time to read these posts and messaging me through my hard times.

I hope that these new events allow me to settle in to structure.

I shall post again next week to update on my few days of freedom this week and the start of my new job here in Toronto.

One thought on “#007 – Week 3 of Toronto Life

  1. Really proud of you stu, your hard work paid off, may the next 12 months be enjoyable, fun and a great experience . Nana is proud of you too and sends her love. Take care and enjoy xxxx

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