#008 – 8 Week “Pulse Check”

Hello all!

Apologies for the 5 week absence.

This is a short “Pulse Check” update to let you all know that I still exist and am still in Toronto.

Not a lot lot has really happened over the past few weeks.

I started a new “Toronto Burrito Review” Instagram page (Please follow to boost numbers 😛 )


I guess more importantly, I started my new job…
This was just in time too, as I started to run low on money after pushing out 4 months worth of Rent and going out on all nights of the week drinking. This lack of funds actually pushed me to become a recluse for the past few weeks as I eagerly awaited my first pay cheque.

The job itself is straight forward IT support. Very much what I have been doing in my 10 year IT career.

The office is in a cool place, the guys I work alongside are fun and at times a good laugh (When everyone is not sat staring at 3 screens with their noise cancelling headphones on)

The office is 4 walls with only skylight windows, so there is absolutely nothing to see outside.
The enclosed environment along with the fact I am not doing anything I would class as exciting keeps making me think “I could be sat anywhere in the world doing what I am doing right now, So what was the point?”

With the above phrase being on loop in my mind, I really cannot say how long I will stay in this position.
I leave work each day already happy to be away from it, which is a clear indication that it is not what I was looking for coming here.

This does leave me in a bit of confusion though… I have only done IT support for the past 10 years. What can I possibly get in to with the experience I have, that is not IT support!?! – Answers on a postcard please!

I sure hope I am not coming across ungrateful in this post.
I feel blessed to have a good Job, a room in a house and some amazing housemates/friends.


I am going to give the job a couple of months and put it down to me still settling in the city/country.
Hopefully, I can find my right mindset for the job or better yet find a new industry in which I can flourish.

I have a couple of long weekends coming up so I shall be sure to post more frequently again!

Thanks for reading guys!


One thought on “#008 – 8 Week “Pulse Check”

  1. It might be boring but at the very least it’s a stepping stone so that you can start making the money you need to live out there. Good to see you getting on with it stu!


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