#009 – 1/6 way through my Visa

Hello all that bothered to keep an eye on this!

Again, I apologise for the huge delays between my posts… and again, not a lot has changed for me here.

I have managed to survive 4 months now, working Monday to Friday and then “living it up” on the weekend.

The more I think about how quickly the past 4 months have passed has made me realise that before I know it, I will be having to leave Canada!

My Bristol/UK Hobbies have turned from Cars and Burritos to Burritos, Alcohol and more burritos… No seriously, most days I am eating a burrito for lunch & dinner and why the hell shouldn’t I?!? I can afford to and they are god damn delicious!

The weather has started to drop its temperature and so my other biggest spending has been on preparing to tackle the freezing temperatures and potential snow.


I will be looking to make some weekend trips out of Toronto during the fall/winter with the mates I have made here.

I will be sure to post more exciting content as it occurs!


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