#010 – 2018 (My first Winter)


Been a while again!

Again… Not a lot has changed since my last update (An annoyingly reoccurring statement)

Not long after my last post, I had a catch up meeting with my employer and I expressed my displeasure in my decisions to simply move to a country and work from the get go.

I am confident that the fact I had just moved and continued to work in the same IT support environment led to quick feelings of Homesickness.

A couple of my Housemates had just recently been home (England and Australia) and they had said how quickly they realised why they had originally set out on the adventure of moving to Canada… So this got me thinking it may help for me to do the same.

Now, my first concern was Holiday allowance. In my current job I am gifted 10 Vacation days a year (GULP!) and with a couple of Stag do’s/Weddings coming up in 2018 I was struggling to see how I could make this work.

One day in work I decided to compose an Email to request some time off over Christmas so I could head home and spend time with Friends and Family.
Luckily my bosses were very understanding and after a couple of days for them to talk it over, I was granted almost two weeks off to head home for the Holidays!

So that was the most exciting thing to happen to me in the later months of 2017 haha!

So I headed home on December 15th, leaving Toronto in minus 0 temperatures and snow.


The flight home was on time, smooth and only 6HR 20M – This was such a re-assuring feeling that I was able to get home so easily and quickly from Downtown Toronto.
I landed in to Gatwick airport and then got a Train in to Central London and then on to Bristol.
The total travel time from Downtown Toronto to Bristol could be as little as 12/13 Hours if you plan well and transport is on time.

I actually started to miss Canada the moment I landed in to Gatwick and started listening to the constant moaning and aggressive tones from the Landanners (London folk) 😛
I had forgotten how much Brits love to moan and complain.

Arriving back in to Bristol was nice, It felt like I had never left.
It was also hell of lot more mild in temperature!

I had been home for 3 days seeing Friends and Family before me and my buddy Tim took off to Amsterdam for a 3 day Trip.


Upon returning back I continued to travel around visiting more Friends.
The trip was a whirlwind and not at all as relaxing as I thought it could have been.

Christmas day was great to sit back with the family and eat/drink as we did every year.

Then just like that, the trip had come to an end and I was driven back to Gatwick airport kindly by my parents to fly back to Toronto… and work.

It then dawned on me how little time I really had back home. I saw some friends for a maximum of a couple of hours.
Some friends I did not even get to see!

I promised myself I would return to Canada a lot more positive. No more hating on what I was doing. Time to ignite my engine and get doing what I really want to be doing in this experience.

As the pilot announced our final approach, I felt a strong sense of self belief looking out the window and seeing Toronto again in the distance. “Im coming to get you” (In a comedic voice) shouted in my head.


We landed back to -20c temperatures but I was so pumped to be back and to see my friends here that this did not seem to affect me walking the streets between transport to get back to my house.

I had arrived back Thursday 28th in the afternoon and was right back to work for the Friday next day 😀 Yayyyyyy!!!

Work was luckily dead and it was nice to see my colleagues in the Christmas/New Year buzz.

The weekend came and me and the lads drank, watching sports the majority of the weekend and of course saw New Years in with a night of booze and laughs.

2 days laster I came down with a cold and after only 1 day back to work in 2018, I was off for the next 2 days bed bound on drugs fighting the nasty bug that had hit me.
This knocked my positivity vibe down HARD.

Fortunately the bug was beat in 2 days and now as I write this I am back to my normal self and my positivity for 2018 is BACK!

I refuse to accept that come December 31st 2018 that I will be writing that the year was just like every other year!

Keep posted as I will be looking to be more active this year as changes are made.


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