2018 – 2019 – Where did the Year go?

Yeah… You are probably as surprised as me to see a new post after all this time.

So, what the hell happened? – I got lazy, sidetracked or had a panic attack… Maybe a mix of the 3.

So lets take a look back at the year that went by since writing the last post… in 2017 !?!?!

I was working in a IT and had advised my boss I wanted to leave in pursuit of a new challenge.

In January of 2018 I applied and was rejected from a lot of Auto Dealerships.

However, I managed to find a small European car mechanics in the downtown area (Sherbourne and Shuter – Not a pretty part of town)

See local drug user walking his BBQ.


After a couple of interviews with the Manager (Irish) and Lead Mechanic (Scottish), with a confident attitude due to the fact I was not really sold on the job, I was offered a job as a Customer Service advisor with a Salary that matched my IT career – RESULT!

After providing a 4 week notice period to my proud employers, I enjoyed a week off inbetween the Career change.

It is now Mid Febuary 2018.

In this time, I visited the Toronto auto show and made a quick flight to Montreal, Quebec (Where the header photo is taken on top of “Mount Royal”)

The trip was short and sweet.



In two days I was back in Toronto and ready to start my new Career 🙂

Day 1 – I start at 7:30 AM and immediately begin to regret my decision….

The customers all hate the fact their cars are falling apart and are reluctant to want to pay to get them fixed.
(As a massive petrol head this is a real shock as if they were my cars, they would be getting far better treatment!)

Day 1 finishes at 6:30 – Yes…. 11 hour day!

Day 2 – 7:30 Start

The second day brings new wave of anxiety over me. I am really not enjoying the role and the feeling of having made a huge mistake dawns over me all morning.

I make it to lunch time and I walk to a nearby sandwhich shop to buy food.
Finding a place to rest on a bench in between two very aged condo buildings (They are not fancy enough to be condos…. they are basically council flats), I look around and consider walking back in to the office, grabbing my backpack and leaving.

As I walk back to the Garage, this immense feeling of needing to get out of there grows and I make the decision I am going to do it!

I walk in to the front office where the Irish and Scottish managers are standing talking. I stand tall and announce.

“I have to be honest with you guys, I am not enjoying this one bit”

Their expressions drop at the comment and they begin to plead with me to stay and give it time and offer their support in how difficult the change must be.

I am easily persuaded and I decide to stay put.

Later that day I am told to go and collect a customers car from the parking lot down the block. The Lot is that of a Church and has 1 way in and out through a large sliding gate.

I know the car I am collecting is a BMW 335i, So I go running down the street to the lot and swing the large gate open.

As I walk towards the BMW, I click the fob button several times and am not greeted by the expected ‘Indicator flash’ to let me know the car is unlocked.

As I get to the car, I continue to press the button in frustration and to my surprise, an identical BMW opposite me is flashing at me….. I laugh and begin to walk across the lot towards it as I hear a loud voice shouting “YOOOO!”

I look over towards the gate and see a guy walking in.

“What are you doing Bro?!?!” – He Shouts.

Thinking he is Church Security (Because churches have them – Right?)
I reply – “Just getting a car, I work for McDermott Motors”

He exclaims back – “No Bro….. what are you doing!”

… My response is the same as before.

At this point I see this guy is wearing a Do-Rag, a Man-bag and walking very shifty towards me…. This is no guy who is employed to “Serve and protect”.

With a thought process as quick as Jason Bourne’s, I jump in the correct BMW and lock the door behind me.

I throw the key in the ignition and buckle up as the guy makes his way to the door of the car.

He demands – “Bro, put the window down, I need to talk to you Bro”

As this exchange unfolds I am continually pushing the Start button of the car and hearing nothing but a “BONG… BONG… BONG”, Noise from the car.

My eyes are focused on the guy as he continues to shout at me…

“Bro, i know you came to my place and were running away. Get out the car and talk to me or I will call the police”

I reply (somewhat cocky) – “Call the police, I would love nothing more than for them to be here right now”

At this point, he starts to place his arms in to his jacket… My racing thoughts scream “He is going to have a knife… or worse”

He says, slowly – “Im doing this for your protection Bro”.

I look at the dash to see why the hell the car is just “Bonging” at me and see the warning:
“Depress clutch to start Engine” – Just my luck, the only Manual car I have seen since being in Canada!

I slam my foot on the clutch and smash the button once more and to my pleasure the Engine fires up (Engines on the 335i’s are really fruity – BUT back to my story!)

As I grab the handbrake, the guy whips his hands out of his jacket… Empty (Thankfully) and begins to grab the door handle.

When he realises the door is locked, he begins punching the windows as hard as he could (Thank you German build quality!)

I throw the car in gear and peel out trying to not drift in to other cars in the lot and squeeze through the tight gate.

I look in the rear view mirror and see my pupils, heavily dilated – I shout at myself “You are F**cking quitting this job!”.

I pull out to the front of the Garage to the customer who owns the car and calmly hand the keys over to him and watch him drive off before I run inside and shout about what just happened.

The moment I told them I had “ran to the lot”…. they laughed and said:

“You cannot run around here…. The cops will think you are a theif and the local drug users will think you are running away from them – Dont do it again”.

…. So that was that, I had to live with the fact I was working in the shady neighbourhood of Toronto.

A month went by and I was still working in the Garage – Feeling Tougher! (Nah, I joke)

I then went to Las Vegas for my Mucker Tim’s Stag Do – Hell of a Trip meeting up with the Bristol Boys!


3 weeks later, I flew back to the UK to the wedding – Again, a hell of a trip!

I returned to Toronto after the 2 week trip home… I did not return to the Garage.

I spent the next 6 weeks jobless and bored.

This led to me moving back to the UK and leaving behind a year of memories and great friends.

I was 3 days out from leaving when I was offered a new job…. working remotely as a Support advocate for a start up Tech firm.

They paid me to stay 2 more weeks and changed my flight 😀


This was July 2018.

I have been back in the UK for 8 months but bouncing around with the freedom to work where ever I have wifi and enough laptop battery.


Thank you for taking the time to read this update.

I shall be sure to try and make more exciting moments to write about going forward.

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